Long-term Quality

is our goal

Whether in regard to the product, as in the assistance and technical advice.

agrarian solutions

Designed specifically to overcome the current challenges of agricultural production.

25 years
of experience

Our agronomic decisions are based on the internal information collected.

Customized agricultural
advice and products of the highest quality

Ados was born more than 25 years ago, with the aim of offering the agricultural sector economic, ecological and efficient solutions through nutritional plans tailored to each client and the agronomic advice in order to achieve a homogeneous production in quantity and quality.
Ados products have been tested and developed in one of the pioneer areas of Spain in agricultural production and innovation, which has a large number of research organizations known and valued around the world.

The Ados team is made up of a group of agronomists and agricultural technicians specialized in vegetable nutrition, who have more than 25 years of experience.
Our motivation is to innovate and improve day by day the current productive strategies, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of our customers.
The involvement and commitment of the team members, guarantee a rigorous, personalized and proximity assistance.

Our products

ADOS has a wide range of specific and technified products suitable to meet the needs of all types of crops.
Even so, we constantly work to optimize our products and obtain a better offer and adaptability of them to the demands of the sector.

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Our values


We act honestly and committed, assuming responsibilities and acting in accordance with them.


We advocate for the quality of our products and services to contribute to the success of our clients.


We seek the best solutions and the ways to achieve our objectives from the knowledge accumulated throughout our career.

Customer care

We are committed to the development of long-term relationships based on openness, respect, reliability and professionalism.

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Our point of view
We will continue to be a national reference in plant nutrition, offering a greater range of products that are respectful with the environment and that meet the needs of our customers.
Professional growth
Our point of view
We want to grow and consolidate our distribution network, both nationally and internationally, in those regions where agriculture is one of the economic drivers.
Our point of view
We maintain a continuous commitment in R + D + i to obtain new products based on new technologies and modes of action, and to be able, at the same time, to extend and perfect the advisory service.
What do we offer?
Our mision
We provide the producer with integrated solutions in plant nutrition, aimed at developing an efficient, profitable agriculture that respects the environment. With this, our customers can maintain quality standards.
Our mision
Currently, our main customers are national producers and distributors, but in Ados we are working to transcend the international market in order to develop a strong export culture.

¿Qué servicios ofrecemos?

Nutrition plans

We have the nutritional plans that best suit your crops.
Our products are designed to meet the demands of current production and help the plant produce the fruits we want for a more competitive market every day

Agronomic advice

To achieve a homogeneous production in quantity and quality throughout the productive cycle of the farm, it is essential to have a correct monitoring.
This allows to produce under the most unfavorable conditions.


At Ados we have a wide range of products to maximize the production of your crops. We are specialized in organic farming (with Ecocert certification) but without forgetting conventional agriculture. We also make our own products.


Our partner company Evolya offers agronomic services such as crop protection systems, for forage and fertilization and nutrition. It also has a wide range of products for animal feed and fruit packaging.

Ados solutions

Customer solutions

The yield and the quality of the production are maximized.
Easy to use products and safe application, with high quality standards.
Personalized attention in headquarters or in the network of distributors.

Solutions for growing plants

Highly effective in different agronomic conditions.
Compatible with conventional phytosanitary programs.
High adaptability for each type of crop.

Solutions for the environment

Highly effective in different agronomic conditions.
Compatible with conventional phytosanitary programs.
High adaptability for each type of crop.

Due to the high levels of competitiveness that currently exist in the phytonutrient sector, QUALITY is a quality that is defined in an intrinsic way with the product, because without it we believe that a brand can not stand or survive in the market.

Contact Information

In our company, we will be delighted to receive you both in our offices located in the industrial estate of Torrefarrera as well as to advise you and solve your doubts through our telephone or email.

Camí de Trullets, s/n, 25123 Torrefarrera, Lleida